Rocket Fuel Chemical Found in Baby Formula

Scientists have discovered trace amounts of perchlorate in various brands of powdered baby formula. The chemical is mixed with water that also contains perchlorate can exceed what the CDC considers safe for adults. The chemical is usually associated with defense and aerospace facilities. The scientists didn’t disclose which baby formulas were tested. Perchlorate has been tied to problems with thyroid function. However, the health effects to babies and adults is still undetermined at this point. Various municipalities’ drinking water supplies have been tested and shown to have amounts of the chemical in the drinking water.
While some states have already set acceptable limits of perchlorate in drinking water, the EPA is reviewing the issue. It did state earlier this year that the chemical’s presence in drinking water may pose a serious health risk and a top priority for the EPA.
The tests that found the chemical in the baby formula were not health related so no determination as to the risks associated with the chemical can be made at this time.