Sexual Abuse in Society

While I’ve spent the majority of my efforts on this blog discussing the various issues surrounding the priest abuse scandal that has rocked the Catholic Church, the ancient institution is not the only one affected by the scourge of sexual abuse. Recently, our office has received inquiries from people who’ve been abused at schools, hospitals, and in their own homes by service workers. It should be noted that there has been an alarming increase in reports of sexual abuse by teachers. Just last week, a police officer (school resource officer) resigned after admitting he had told a 13 year old girl that he was falling in love with her!
Parents and children’s advocates can no longer take for granted that their children are safe at school, church, synagogue, or hospital. Parents must be vigilant and look for the tell-tale signs of grooming that leads to abuse ie. an adult who takes an inordinate liking to a child, an adult who starts giving gifts to a child, etc. Now, in and of themselves, these may not be significant but given the present climate we must be aware of our child’s surroundings in order to assure their safety.