Smith & Nephew Hip Recall

Officials at Smith & Nephew have announced a voluntary recall of it metal hip socket liner used in conjunction with its R3 Acetabular System. The Smith & Nephew hip device that’s been recalled is similar in design to another faulty hip system-the Zimmer Durom Cup in that both systems are metal-on-metal devices and both have experienced higher than industry acceptable failure rates. While the Smith & Nephew R3 is similar to the Zimmer Durom Cup, it shares even closer similarity in design structure to the DePuy Pinnacle Ultamet hip system.
Of the approximately half million metal-on-metal hip replacements implanted in the US, only 7,700 of them were Smith & Nephew R3 hip systems. While statistically small, if you have a Smith & Nephew R3 hip device that’s failed, it doesn’t matter. You may have suffered severe pain, difficulty walking, metallosis (blood poisoning resulting from the wear of the metal-on-metal parts shedding metallic ions into the bloodstream). While Smith & Nephew doesn’t have many metal-on-metal hips implanted on patients, it’s important to keep in mind that ALL metal-on-metal hip devices are under FDA scrutiny for high failure rates.
According to Reuters, “The decision follows an analysis of clinical results showing that 1.6 percent of patients with the system needed revision surgery each year, which is above the 1 percent guideline set by Britain’s National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence.”