Source of Heparin Contamination Found

The FDA has found the source of the contamination in the recently recalled Heparin. However, it remains unidentified and is also not known if the contaminant was introduced to the Heparin inadvertently or intentionally. Thus far, 19 deaths have been associated with the contaminated Heparin which originated in China. According to the FDA, the contaminant was found in the active ingredient from Baxter’s supplier, Scientific Protein Laboratories, LLC. The contaminant, whatever it is, was found in large quantities. The 19 deaths have occurred since January 2007 and seem to indicate a failure on the part of nursing homes, hospitals, as well as other healthcare institutions to report a potential problem to the FDA in a timely manner. This is another issue on top of the critical failure of the FDA to inspect, monitor, and supervise the nation’s drug supply, especially the drug supply that is being imported.