Sprint Fidelis Leads and Medtronic Profits

When Medtronic recalled its Sprint Fidelis defibrillator because of faulty lead wires in October 2007, very little attention was paid to the history of the medical device in the first place. When Medtronic introduced its Sprint Fidelis defibrillator, the company touted the device’s thinner wires as an advance in defibrillator technology. What it didn’t tell the public was that these leads may be prone to fracture because they are thinner than the older defibrillator wires which had been functioning without problems. If the previous model of lead wires functioned without fracture problems, why create a new product that had the potential to cause grave harm and risk the possibility of extraction and further surgery? The answer lies in marketing and company profits rather than good medical science. Medtronic wanted to grow market share and increase company profits. In reality, there was no medical reason to introduce a new device to the market. This is an important issue that raises ethical questions about the behavior and marketing practices of pharmaceutical and medical device companies. A new medical device product or new drug may substantially increase company sales but does it benefit healthcare professionals in determining what is best for the patient? That’s the question that seems to get lost in the race for money and market share.
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