Toyota Considering Recall of Corolla

This has to be unprecedented for any auto company, no, any business. Incredibly, Toyota officials are contemplating another recall-this time concerning its highly popular Toyota Corolla due to power steering defects.
So far, there are fewer than 100 complaints in the US concerning the Corolla and its power steering mechanism.
In the past four months, Toyota has recalled a total of 8.5 million vehicles due to sticking accelerators, faulty floor mats, and faulty brakes. The auto company is facing Congressional inquiries as well as an investigation from the National Highway Transportation Safety Board.
The recalls and defects involve some of Toyota’s most popular name brands including the Prius hybrid, the Corolla, and the Camry. Some on Capitol Hill have criticized the manner in which it has dealt with past safety concerns including allegations by some that Japanese company officials didn’t fully disclose the nature of safety concerns in order to avoid a slump in sales.