Transportation Secretary Advises Not to Drive Recalled Toyotas

Transportation Secretary Ray Lahood announced this morning that drivers whose Toyota vehicles have been recalled because of accelerator pedals that stick, should stop driving the vehicles and have them repaired at their local dealership. In a somewhat surprise announcement the Obama cabinet official weighed into the Toyota issue after the car company announced problems with brakes on some of the Prius models as well.
The sticking pedal recall affects some 2.3 million Toyota vehicles. Lahood’s warning came as the cabinet secretary gave testimony before a House Appropriations subcommittee on transportation.
Toyota has also been hit with over 100 complaints about faulty brakes in its popular Prius hybrid. US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration received the Prius complaints, two of which involved injuries related to the brake problem.
Secretary LaHood has expressed criticism over Toyota’s lack of response to safety concerns as well as quality control issues. “They should have taken it seriously from the very beginning when we first started discussing it with them,” he said. “Maybe they were a little safety deaf.”
Lahood mentioned that the US is considering civil penalties for Toyota’s lack of due diligence regarding the safety concerns.