Transvaginal Mesh Recall Announced by Johnson & Johnson Subsidiary

Ethicon, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson and manufacturer of transvaginal meshes, has announced the voluntary recall of all their transvaginal mesh medical devices. The recall comes in the wake of hundreds of transvaginal mesh lawsuits filed due to mesh failures and the need for revision surgery to correct the medical problems caused by the transvaginal mesh products. In recalling the vaginal mesh, Ethicon sent a letter to Judges Joseph R. Goodwin and Mary E. Stanley, both of whom are presiding over the multidistrict litigation consolidated in West Virginia. The letter described the recall as a halt in the “commercialization” of the vaginal mesh. In the letter, the company informed the Justices that they had already told the FDA of their decision to halt “commercialization” and requested from the government agency a 120 day timeline in which to complete the recall.
Ethicon is not the only transvaginal mesh medical device company to have experienced problems with the transvaginal mesh. While all the mesh products are similar in design and purpose, other companies selling transvaginal meshes have also been embroiled in mesh lawsuits. Those companies include American Medical Systems, Inc. and C.R. Bard, Inc. Both of those companies are involved in multidistrict litigation concerning transvaginal mesh lawsuits in separate judicial venues.
As a member of these MDL (multidistrict litigation)steering committees, I know that many women have been seriously injured by faulty transvaginal mesh products. The decision by Ethicon is a welcome sign so that more women will not undergo the pain and suffering caused by these defective medical devices.