US Senator Bill Nelson Calls on Raytheon to Clean Up Toxic Waste

US Senator Bill Nelson plans to hold a news conference this morning at the Azalea Adult Community Center in St. Petersburg, Florida regarding the toxic plume in the Azalea neighborhood. During the press conference, Nelson is expected to call on Raytheon to clean up the neighborhood toxic spill as well as ask the federal government to get involved. “The plume is now at the front door of the elementary school,” Nelson said in a news release. “We have to make sure the kids and everybody else aren’t exposed.”
Raytheon plans to extend its testing to include air quality in the surrounding homes and apartments. The spill occurred in 1991 but area residents didn’t know about it until a news investigation uncovered the toxic plume. At the time, the plant in question was owned and operated by E Systems. Raytheon purchased the plant and operation after the spill occurred but in so doing inherited the problem from E Systems as well as the responsibility to clean it up and inform residents of the possible dangers.