Zicam Cold Remedy Manufactuer Set to Spend $30 Million on Marketing

Consumers will soon witness the effects of Zicam manufacturer Matrixx Initiatives new marketing push. The company has hired the national marketing firm Cramer-Krasselt to advertise their products some of which were removed from the marketplace after complaints surfaced that use of these nasal spray cold remedies were linked to anosmia, a loss of the sense of smell.
Zicam lawsuits have already been filed against Matrixx for causing this loss of the sense of smell. In spite of the legal issues, Matrixx executives have pledged to re-enter the marketplace with the $30 million ad campaign. Whether a new marketing initiative will prove successful in the light of the health issues associated with some Zicam products is yet to be seen.
Since the Zicam cold remedy recall last year, Matrixx officials have continued to deny any association between their products and the loss of smell in users. They’ve also defended their failure to notify the FDA concerning approximately 800 reports of loss of smell after using Zicam. Matrixx officials have argued that they had no legal obligation to notify the FDA since their products are marketed by the company as homeopathic. However, in its warning letter about the Zicam products recalled, the FDA noted that it can and will intervene in homeopathic remedies when such remedies may pose a health risk to the general public.
Three Zicam products — Zicam Cold Remedy Nasal Gel, Zicam Cold Remedy Nasal Swabs, and Zicam Cold Remedy Swabs Kids Size – were involved in the subsequent FDA recall.
Anosmia can be a devastating and permanent injury that affects a person’s life including an inability to detect smoke, fire, or spoiled food products. It has also been linked to a potential risk in the increase of depression.