Zimmer Hips Have Defects Now It’s Zimmer Knees

Zimmer Holdings Inc. has had a rough last few years. First, it was the Zimmer Durom Cup recall in 2008 after an investigation revealed an unusually high need for revision surgeries in patients with the Zimmer Durom Cup hip replacement. In the Zimmer hip cases, the artificial Durom Cup would loosen causing severe pain and further surgery to correct the problem.
Now, Zimmer is having problems with its artificial knee medical device, the NexGen CR-Flex knee replacement. While the average artificial knee replacement lasts for approximately 15 years, the NexGen knee is failing within 3 years of implantation. Since the Zimmer Nex Gen CR-Flex knee was introduced to the marketplace in 2003, more than 150,000 Zimmer knees have been implanted.