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Life Teen Founder Freed from House Arrest

Monsignor Dale Fushek has been freed from the house arrest and electronic monitoring imposed upon him after being arrested on sex abuse charges. The scandal surrounding Fushek erupted late last year after his arrest on sex abuse charges. The Phoenix diocese has been no stranger to scandal in the past. It’s bishop Thomas O’Brien was arrested after killing a pedestrian in a motor vehicle accident and fled the scene. O’Brien later resigned as bishop of the diocese.

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Monsignor Fushek Ends House Arrest

Monsignor Dale Fushek, founder of Life Teen and a high-ranking monsignor in the Phoenix Diocese has been released from house arrest and the electronic monitoring imposed upon him after his arrest on sex abuse charges late last year. However, witnesses and victims continue to come forward accusing Fushek of sexual abuse. His supporters have started an online campaign to raise money for his defense and abuse victims have stated they’ve been intimidated by Fushek supporters while testifying in court.

Fort Pierce Man Dies After Being Tasered in Emergency Room

A 48 year old Ft. Pierce man died after being tasered by police in a hospital ER. Samuel Hair, who used a pacemaker, was shocked with a Taser on Tuesday night after he became unruly in the emergency room at Lawnwood Regional Medical Center and Heart Institute. He stopped moving after being hit twice with the weapon, which the manufacturer advertises as a nonlethal law enforcement tool.

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Safety Tips for Driving an SUV

Some good advice printed in the San Jose Mercury News:
There is some encouraging news. New SUVs are being built lower to the ground, decreasing their chances of rolling over and improving safety when SUVs collide with cars. It’s not the weight of the SUV that poses a risk to people inside cars; it’s the height difference.
Driving an SUV is much more dangerous than driving a car, and safety advocates recommend the following tips for driving one:

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