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Consumer Group Wants FDA to Remove Xenical

A consumer watchdog group is petitioning the Food and Drug Administration to remove the prescription obesity drug Xenical (orlistat) from the market.
Public Citizen says the drug may lead to a higher risk of aberrant crypt foci (ACF), which is believed to be a factor in colon cancer.
The group says data from the manufacturer of orlistat, Roche Pharmaceuticals, and recent studies show the drug causes ACF in rats.
HealthDay News reports that Public Citizen is concerned that the FDA will approve over-the-counter sales of the drug in the U.S.

FDA Knew About Benzene in Soda

A newly discovered Food and Drug Administration report shows the agency had data at least three years ago that some soft drinks had unsafe levels of cancer-causing benzene. Known as the Total Diet Study, the report shows that between 1995 and 2001, nearly 80 percent of the diet cola that the FDA sampled had benzene levels higher than the limit allowable in drinking water. Among 24 diet cola samples, 19 had levels that were on average four times higher.
The study did not identify brands.
Once again, the public discovers that a government “watchdog group” had information in its possession which could have been of benefit to the general public and once again the group chose to withhold it. What good is such a group if it isn’t protecting the public?

Orlando Taser Case Overturned by Judge

A federal judge has overturned a $100,000 verdict against an Orlando police officer who a jury found had violated the civil rights of a motorist he stopped and shot with a Taser in 2003. The crux of the judge’s argument hinged upon the fact that the cop stopped the driver for a non-arrestable offense.
However, the real story may be that Orlando police have deployed the Taser stun gun more than 1,200 times in the last three years. I’m not a cop but that seems like a lot of firing to me.

Cardinal Mahony is Pro-Life with Reservations

In this week’s edition of The National Catholic Reporter, Los Angeles Cardinal Roger Mahony talks about his public stance on immigration reform. In one part of the interview, Mahony declares to reporter John Allen that immigration is a life issue just like abortion. When the interview turns to the topic of the sexual abuse crisis in the US church, Mahony fails to make any such correlation. I wonder why? In declaring immigration a life issue, Mahony states that any time an issue involves people, it’s a life issue. Then, why the silence and obfuscation when it comes to dealing with abuse victims?

Lithotripsy Has its Drawbacks

Lithotripsy, a medical procedure used to pulverize painful kidney stones, is now believed to increased the risk of diabetes as well as raise blood pressure at some later stage in life. Interestingly, the study published by the Mayo Clinic, found that the diabetes risk was related in part to the number of shocks given during lithotripsy while the rise in high blood pressure was related to treatment of stones in both kidneys, not to the number of shocks.
What does this tell us? Those seeking medical treatment need to be aware of the benefits and risks in any medical procedure. We all should become better and smarter consumers when it comes to our own health.

Su Abogado

Sí usted es victima de un accidente automovilistico o en su trabajo puede ser recompensado por sus daños cualquiera que sea su estado legal. Es muy importante contactar un abogado para proteger sus derechos bajo la ley. Estoy dispuesto a prestar ayuda a los hispanos que son vicitmas de daños a causa de accidentes. No dude en llamar a nuestra oficina para una consulta gratis.

Why I’m a Florida Trial Lawyer and Proud of It

Trial lawyers and attorneys in general have come under attack as greedy, self-centered, bottom feeders who hurt our economy and drive up the costs of insurance. Yet that is really only a crude caricature of what we as trial lawyers do. I’m proud of the fact that I represent victims who’ve been injured through no fault of their own by someone else’s negligence. The legal system in this country is founded on the premise that those who’ve been injured are entitled, in justice, to be compensated for their injuries. It’s a notion that’s as old and venerable as civil society itself. It’s a part of a system of checks and balances that is supposed to maintain and preserve equality. I’m proud of the fact that each and every person has access to justice irrespective of their social, racial, or economic circumstances.

Family Values Conservatives and Child Sexual Abuse

In the last decade or so, conservatives have claimed for themselves the mantle of “Champion of Family Values” for as they see it, they’ve been on the “right” side of issues such as abortion, education, and prayer in public schools. Yet when it comes to protecting the rights of children abused by predatory adults, these same conservatives have often sided with the institutions that hide and protect the abusers. What’s wrong with this picture? Well, it’s money. The conservatives who have claimed family values as their rallying cry now protect the deep pocketed institutions that support them. An excellent analysis of the situation is given by Professor Marci Hamilton in today’s Find Law

Tampa Bay Taser Incidents

Yesterday was a busy day for police officers deploying the Taser stun gun. A 92 year old Pasco County man living in an assisted living facility was tasered by police after he assaulted another resident. On Clearwater beach, an unidentified man lost his life after being tasered by police. The police were responding to a complaint of “erratic behavior” before tasering the decedent.
While I don’t know the details in either case, I do know that when someone dies we all need to pause and ask if this death was necessary. Was there another way for police to handle these situations. Tasers are being used at an alarmingly high rate, sometimes leading to the death of the one tasered. Why aren’t tasers being investigated more aggressively? Are these stun guns really the best tool in all instances? Someone needs to start asking the questions.