Monthly Archives: August 2006

Big Tobacco: 50 Years of Lies and Deception

Federal Judge Gladys Kessler called it racketeering. I’ll call it lying and deception. For more than 50 years big tobacco companies have been telling our grandparents, our parents, and now ourselves that smoking is cool and essentially harmless. Finally, a Federal judge has said no more. Big tobacco companies will now have to face the music and deal with victims of their deception and greed.

Judges Ruling Causes Marketing Problems for Big Tobacco

Now that U.S. District Judge Gladys Kessler’s ruling makes it more difficult for big tobacco companies to market their deadly products in an overtly deceptive fashion, their marketing gurus will have to come up with new ways to keep smokers hooked to their habits. Unless the new court ruling is overturned on appeal, cigarette manufacturers will have to abandon marketing words such as “light” and “low tar”. We’ll see what they’re able to come up with as far as new marketing ploys.

100,000 or More Lawsuits to be Filed Against Big Tobacco

Victims of big tobacco will finally get their day in court after a US District Judge ruled yesterday that the cigarette manufacturers have conspired to withhold the deadly effects and addictive qualities of tobacco from the public. The ruling found Philip Morris, RJ Reynolds, Brown & Williamson, British American Tobacco, and Lorillard Tobacco guilty of misleading the public about tobacco’s adverse health effects.

Big Tobacco Better Exhale

A US District Judge ruled yesterday that big tobacco companies conspired for years to hide the deadly effects of cigarette smoke from the public. This isn’t suprising to most of us who’ve followed these battles. However, it will most likely lead to a groundswell of lawsuits against big tobacco. For decades now, the tobacco marketing strategy has focused on youth and many have suffered the deadly effects of the promotional campaign. It’s now time to pay the piper.

Bad Day for Merck, Maker of Vioxx

It’s been a bad day for Merck, the maker of Vioxx. First, a New Orleans jury hit them with a $50,000,000 verdict for failure to warn doctors about the dangers of its drug, Vioxx. Then, a New Jersey state judge vacated a Merck victory, ordering a new trial for a postal worker who blamed his heart attack on taking the company’s Vioxx pain medicine for two months. Judge Carol Higbee ruled evidence uncovered since the November verdict showed that Merck withheld information showing heart attacks could come with use of Vioxx for less than 18 months.

Big Defeat for Merck, Maker of Vioxx

A New Orleans jury returned a $50,000,000 award to a 62 year old plaintiff who had taken Vioxx for 31 months. Mr. Barnett had suffered a heart attack four years earlier and stopped taking the drug shortly before Vioxx was pulled from the market. The jury found that Merck failed to adequately warn doctors about Vioxx’s potential harmful side effects and risks for cardiac incidents.