Monthly Archives: March 2007

Permax Drug Pulled for Heart Valve Damage

Permax, the once popular drug for Parkinson’s Disease, has been pulled from the market by its manufacturer, Valeant Pharmaceuticals International. Permax has been linked to valvular heart damage in two recent studies and the FDA has asked the drug company to stop marketing the drug. According to FDA estimates, Permax is being used by 12,000-25,000 patients in the USA. If you or a loved one are taking Permax, please contact your doctor to inquire about alternative Parkinson’s treatments.

One More Driving Distraction. . .Text Messaging

As if drivers didn’t have enough distractions, they are now texting messages to their friends, famly, and co-workers. In the past, I’ve witnessed drivers shaving, reading the newspaper, doing their makeup, and eating a six course meal. All these activities pose grave threats to those of us who take our road safety seriously. Something has to be done to curb such extracurricular activities while driving. Lives depend on it!

CNN Anchor Thomas Roberts Comes Forward as Priest Sex Abuse Survivor

During Anderson Cooper’s program 360, CNN anchor Thomas Roberts spoke of the horror of childhood sexual abuse at the hands of a Catholic priest. Like many survivors, Roberts’ parents had divorced and the priest abuser took advantage of Roberts home situation. He trusted this supposed “Man of God” only to be violated by him. The show detailed the emotional and psychological pain of sexual abuse by a priest, Fr. Jeff, a Baltimore priest. Roberts, now a grown man with a successful career, still bears the scars and wounds of this violation. Like other survivors, Roberts life was drastically altered by a Catholic priest.