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Chinese Drywall Found At Florida Lt. Governor’s House

It’s still not known how many homes in southwest Florida contain the defective and toxic Chinese drywall. One thing we do know at this point-Lt. Governor Jeff Kottkamp’s house is one of those homes containing the cheap, defective drywall. Kottkamp’s home was built by Aubuchon Homes owned by Gary Aubuchon who, ironically replaced Kottkamp in the State Legislature when Governor Crist named Kottkamp as his lieutenant governor.
The problem with the Chinese drywall is under investigation. We do know that the drywall emits sulfur compounds that could pose a health risk. Kottkamp who lives in North Ft. Myers, has called for the state Health Department to conduct tests on the home.
The potential area of affected Chinese drywall homes spans quite a large area on the west coast of Florida from St. Petersburg to Naples. There have already been lawsuits, including two class action suits, filed against manufacturers, suppliers, and builders who used the Chinese dry wall.

Irony’s real politick

It’s ubiquitous in the public square. We’re seeing it with our new President and his Cabinet appointments. We’ve witnessed it in the Catholic Church for a number of years now. It’s the irony of one’s words and statements when matched up against actions. Presently, the most poignant example of it is Cardinal Mahony of Los Angeles who for years was a staunch defender of the church’s moral positions. He’s even publicly criticized past Administrations on such moral issues as war, poverty, disease, and immigration. Yet, his actions belie another reality. This is a public leader, a Cardinal in the Catholic Church who’s been dogged by the priest abuse scandal. While the epicenter of the scandal in the east was Cardinal Law of Boston, few would argue that that distinction belongs to Cardinal Mahony of Los Angeles. He is now faced with a federal investigation, that unlike other inquiries, which should prove to challenge even Mahony’s formidable skills of evasion and covering-up. However, we have to sound a word of caution here. The man hasn’t been known as Roger the Dodger for nothing. He’s survived this scandal pretty much unscathed. He’s had to make some financial payments to abuse survivors but he kept himself out of the courtroom. Thus far, he’s been able to escape the fate of others who haven’t escaped the irony of real politick.

Lennar Files Lawsuit Against Chinese Drywall Manufacturers

Lennar Corporation, a major builder in southwest Florida, has filed a lawsuit against manufacturers, installers, and suppliers of a toxic drywall that has affected numerous Florida homes.
The Chinese drywall emits gas that corrodes the walls of the homes, according to the complaint filed in Miami-Dade Circuit Court. Two class action lawsuits have been filed separately as a result of the defective Chinese drywall. The class action lawsuits allege that the defective drywall has adversely affected the health of those residing in the homes containing the Chinese drywall. The companies being sued for using the drywall dispute those claims. One target of the class action lawsuit is Knauf Plasterboard Tianjin Co. Ltd., a Chinese subsidiary of German-based manufacturer Knauf. Another company that will have to answer the suit is Knauf Tianjin and its German parent, along with a second manufacturer, Taishan Gypsum.
According to a published report in the Sarasota Herald Tribune, the companies have shipped millions of pounds of the defective Chinese drywall into Florida since 2006.