Actos Recalled In France and Germany, Why not the US?

Germany and France have both recalled the popular but controversial diabetes drug Actos because of its well-documented link to bladder cancer. While these European countries have taken decisive steps to protect their citizens, the US, through its federal agency the FDA has not taken such steps. Rather, the FDA has increased the drug’s black box warnings and called for further studies.
Yet, the evidence connecting Actos and bladder cancer as well as an increased risk of heart attack and stroke has led to numerous Actos lawsuits across the country. In fact, the number of Actos lawsuits has grown to such an extent, Actos litigation has been consolidated in a multidistrict litigation in the Federal District Court in the Western District of Louisiana.
The lawsuits allege that Takeda Pharmaceutical and Eli Lilly, the manufacturers of Actos, failed to provide appropriate warnings of the dangers of Actos despite knowledge of those dangers. It has been determined that Actos can increase the risk of bladder cancer by up to 40%. Those taking Actos for more than one year are at the greatest risk. The risks increase with longer usage and greater dosages.
It seems apparent that further action should be taken by the FDA to protect consumers.