Auto Accidents – Why Hire a Lawyer?

Everyone in Florida is required by law to have Personal Injury Protection (PIP) automobile insurance. PIP is your personal policy for medical coverage for up to $10,000, whether you are at fault or not. Seems simple, but is it?

Not really. If your injuries are not reported by a medical doctor to be emergency-related medical condition, PIP only pays up to $2,500. To make matters worse, if you do not see a medical doctor or go to a medical facility within 14 days of your accident, your PIP claim can be completely denied. We are fighting to repeal this law, but until we succeed, this is Florida Law.

Auto Accident Medical Claims Exceeding PIP Coverage

Some auto accident victims sustain injuries which exceed $10,000 in medical treatment. Who is responsible and who is entitled to coverage?

Who is responsible for your injuries which exceed your personal injury protection coverage? Routinely, the at-fault driver is responsible for your injuries which exceed your PIP under their bodily injury coverage. A driver, such as you or any other driver, proven to be at fault is not entitled to any other driver’s bodily injury coverage. However, bodily injury is not mandatory under Florida law. Uninsured/Underinsured motorist coverage is also not required by Florida law.

However, if you have it, this is when it comes in to play.

Also, what if more than one driver is involved, or a driver of one vehicle is insured with his/her own insurance, but is driving someone else’s vehicle who is also insured?
And what about property damage?

Not so simple anymore, and before you get a chance to sort it all out, the insurance company is requesting your statement to record.

Before you leave all in the hands of insurance company or companies, you should know that the job of insurance companies is more than just to provide coverage due you, but also to save money for its shareholders. This means that they will search for loopholes seeking ways to cut their losses. Sometimes, these loopholes are found through inadvertent statements made by one or more party, or simply by a claimant’s lack of knowledge of their rights.

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