Convicted Pedophile Priest Jailed Again in Ireland

Notorious serial pedophile priest Oliver O’Grady is going back to prison, this time for three years after an Irish court found him guilty of possession of thousands of computer images of child pornography.
O’Grady had been a Catholic priest in California until he was sent to prison and was the subject of a myriad of sexual abuse lawsuits for molesting children during his 30 year tenure as a Catholic priest.
According to one media source, “The 66-year-old returned to live in Ireland and was flying from Amsterdam to Dublin in 2010 when he left a laptop on his flight containing graphic images of children.
Gardai traced him to a hostel in Dublin where they found thousands more photos, videos and audio of child porn stored on hard drives and USB keys.
The judge at Dublin District Court jailed O’Grady for 3 years saying the former priest – described as socially isolated – seemed to have a serious problem and his time in American prison had not rehabilitated him.”
Pedophiles like O’Grady will continue to prey on children unless they are permanently removed from society. Just because he was defrocked as a Catholic priest, he remains a pedophile and a danger to children. It’s surprising to me that he received only a 3 year sentence, given that he has already spent considerable time in prison for numerous child sex offenses.