Darvocet Recall Attorney

Drug safety advocates have been calling on the FDA to recall Darvocet since 1978. Finally, they’ve called for the recall of Darvocet and Darvon from the markeplace. These drugs, found to be less effective than other pain killing drugs, have been recalled for their potentially deadly consequences.
Darvocet is cardiotoxic when used as directed on the label. That means that when used as directed Darvocet causes chemical changes in the heart that affect its electrical system. These changes in the heart’s electrical system can cause heart arrythmias. In some cases these unnatural heart rhythms can cause ventricular fibrillation. This means that your heart stops pumping blood. This can and does frequently result in sudden cardiac death from heart attack. This is probably the cause of most of the deaths from Darvocet aside from overdoses. A disruption of the heart’s electrical system from Darvocet could also cause atrial fibrillation which could trigger a stroke or heart attack from a blood clot. An electrocardiogram or EKG is the test that is used to detect heart rhythm malfunctions.