Florida DUI Offenders May Have to Carry Higher Levels of Required Insurance

Rep. Rick Kriseman (D-53) is sponsoring a bill in the Florida House that would require proof of increased financial responsibility for bodily injury or death caused by owners or operators found guilty of, or who entered plea of guilty or nolo contendere to, regardless of adjudication of guilt, DUI offense or who had license or driving privilege revoked or suspended under specified provision. The bill provides an exemption if specified conditions are met; conforms provisions; revises provisions concerning motor vehicle security following motor vehicle license or registration suspension. The bill, if passed into law, will go a long way in ensuring that DUI victims’ rights are protected. Hopefully, it will also dissuade drivers from getting behind the wheel, if they’ve been drinking.
Rick has joined our firm and continues to fight for consumer justice, especially those victimized by drunk drivers.