Former Vicar General of Phoenix Diocese Arrested on Sex Charges

As the bishops of the Catholic Church try to put the scandals behind them new horrors appear. On November 21st, the former Vicar General of the Diocese of Phoenix and founder of Life Teen, Monsignor Dale Fushek was arrested on charges of abusing young boys in the 1980’s. The Monsignor was charged with three counts of assault, five of contributing to the delinquency of a minor and two of indecent exposure. All are misdemeanors, punishable by no more than three years and nine months in all. We’ve heard it all before. There are more shocking stories coming out of Brazil as reported by the courageous National Catholic Reporter. Their reporter writes about priest who actually keep journals of their predatory habits and tips for luring young, unsuspecting children into their lair of pain and suffering.
If this is to be stopped, the laity have to rise up and demand and end to this scandal. It’s clear that the church officials are incapable of policing themselves. Jason Berry’s article in today’s LA Times gives further evidence that the “fish rots from the head”. If true reform is to found it must come from lay or secular sources.