Public Citizen: Pharmaceutical Companies Paying Doctor Above Recommended Limits

In today’s world where transparency has become operative, Public Citizen has released a study co-authored with the Journal of the American Medical Association wherein doctors are often receiving large payments in return for writing prescriptions for certain drugs. In addition, the general public has limited or no access to these transactions. “Full disclosure of these payments is an important way to help the public better understand the relationship between the drug industry and their doctors. We hope this will discourage many doctors from taking these payments and thus prevent an erosion of public trust,” said Wolfe. “It will also encourage the medical community to address the known impact of payments on prescription writing.” said Dr. Sydney Wolfe director of Public Citizen’s Health Research Group.
Politicians and financiers are subject to full disclosure (transparency) so why not the docs? Doctors play such an important role in public safety, citizens need to be able to trust their doctors when they write prescriptions.