Sulzer Redux: Zimmer Durom Cup Hip Implant

The latest defective hip product that’s caught the attention of medical professionals, the media, and the FDA is the Durom Cup hip implant manufactured by Zimmer Holdings Inc. It appears that the same defects found in the Sulzer hip implants have now affected the Zimmer Durom cup. The Durom shell is plasma sprayed pure titanium (PorolockTM –TiVPS) using a vacuum plasma spray technology developed by Sulzer Metco (Surface Technologies), Shanghai, People’s Republic of China. The problems that affected the Sulzer medical devices sprang from the oil residue that remained on the implant preventing the bony ingrowth that provides fixation, strength and stability.
The problems with the Durom cup are eerily similar. Defective Durom cups have been characterized by a lack of bony ingrowth and the ease at which they pop out.
If you’ve had a Durom cup implanted and are concerned about its potential failure, here are the signs to look for:
– start-up stiffness and pain when you rise from a chair or out of a car after the first three months postoperatively
– sharp groin pain when moving from a bent position to an upright position or when lifting your leg straight when lying down
– difficulty climbing stairs
– inability to walk distances
– reliance upon a cane when walking outdoors