Pope Benedict why Condoms Instead of Child Abuse?

Pope Benedict XVI has received a lot of ink this week about his thoughts on condom use. The thoughts come from a book length interview he gave to journalist Peter Seewald. Unfortunately, the condom issue has received the bulk of the news headlines rather than the ongoing problem of priest sexual abuse. The sexual abuse of our children can’t be tucked neatly in a corner and forgotten. It’s an ongoing crisis that darkens the cavernous walls of the Catholic Church even as some hierarchs attempt to move beyond it. It’s not going away and we still have no message from the Church that they are willing to deal with it in a substantive, worldwide fashion. No words can sufficiently assuage the suffering of countless children who’ve suffered at the hands of Catholic priests, brothers, and sisters who’ve abused them. It’s time for action. Pope Benedict needs to act rather than issue apologies to those who’ve endured these criminal acts. The time is now.