Zimmer Holdings’ Purchase of Biomet May Speed Up Settlement Negotiations

On April 24, 2014, Zimmer Holdings announced that it will purchase Biomet, Inc., for $13.35 billion. The sale is expected to go through by the first quarter of 2015.

Zimmer Holdings has agreed to include Biomet’s “net debt” in the purchase. In the meantime, Biomet is being sued nationally and globally over its Magnum M2a Hip Replacement System. The pending sale may be one reason Biomet agreed to a $56 million settlement of all its U.S. Magnum M2a lawsuits in an effort to reduce its net debt.

Despite the push-back from Plaintiffs’ attorneys and injured consumers, ASR DePuy & Stryker have managed to add rigid conditions into their settlement agreements. Some of these conditions are reductions to each Plaintiff’s settlement determined by weight, history of smoking. Another factor that may be considered is whether or not the patient has had the original implant replaced. Biomet is expected to follow along the same lines, although the specific conditions are not yet known.

Biomet is the medical device manufacturer of the M2a Magnum Hip Replacement System. The M2a Magnum is a metal femoral head and metal pelvic cup system. Lawsuits against medical device manufacturers who market metal-on-metal hip replacement systems have been rising globally. Many of those devices have been recalled and most that have not are not now being implanted by physicians.

Metal-on-metal hip replacements may cause your blood to contain dangerously toxic levels of metal. Ask your doctor to order blood tests to determine your cobalt and chromium levels.
There are three indications for surgery to remove and/or replace a defective metal-on-metal hip replacement product:

1. Pain
2. High levels of Cobalt and Chromium in the blood
3. MRI showing fluid build-up or pseudo tumor of the hip.

If you are having problems with a hip implant and know or suspect it to be a recalled product, please call (800) 748-7115.