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In Wake of Taser Controversy, Manufacturer Opts for Shotgun Approach

With public uproar over taser misuse growing by the day, Taser International, the manufacturer of the controversial stun gun weapon is developing a new product line- a Taser shot gun The nation’s largest stun-gun manufacturer has found a new way to deliver electricity to the human body: a 12-gauge shotgun.
Scottsdale, Ariz.-based Taser International Inc. is developing the eXtended Range Electro-Muscular Projectile, or XREP, a shotgun shell designed to combine the blunt-force trauma of a fast-moving baseball with the electrical current of a stun gun.

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Website My Space fun for Kids but a Boon for Predators

The popular social networking website My Space, has experienced unprecedented growth in recent months. Kids and teens spend hours browsing the website talking to friends and meeting new ones. However, parents must be aware that sexual predators are using the site to make contact with these kids. As is typical with sexual predators, they use websites popular with teens in order to strike up relationships with them. I urge any parents with teenaged children to monitor their computer use and beware of this looming threat.

Ortho Evra Patch Maker Says Blood Clot Risk Doubles with Birth Control Patch

Women who use the Ortho Evra birth-control patch face twice the risk of developing blood clots as those who take the Pill, the patch’s manufacturer said late Thursday, citing recent company-funded research.
The finding comes from one of two studies comparing the patch and Pill, said Ortho Women’s Health & Urology, maker of the once-a-week patch, based in Raritan, N.J.

Colorado Set to Open Up Sex Abuse Statute of Limitations

Having passed a Senate committee by a 5-1 vote, the full Colorado Senate will hear testimony concerning opening up the statute of limitations regarding sexual abuse of minors. The legislation is strongly opposed by the Colorado Catholic Conference. Archbishop Chaput of the Archdiocese of Denver has argued publicly that the bill unfairly targets the Catholic Church and excludes public institutions.
When church lawyers were asked if they’d support the bill if public institutions were included, the attorneys stated that they’d have to check with their superiors.

Colorado Catholic Conference Grasping at Straws

When lawyers for the Colorado bishops came before a Senate committee hearing a bill that would open a 2 year window on the sexual abuse statute of limitations, their arguments grew more desperate as the testimony wore on. At one point, a church lawyer actually stated that the church had fixed the sexual abuse problem by 1991! Incredible as it may seem, the church seems bent at going to any lengths to insulate itself from the criminal behavior of its priests. Fortunately, the state Senators were unimpressed with their arguments and voted 5-1 in favor of opening the statute of limitations. The one dissenting voter continued to focus on the costs of litigation and implied that this was a trial lawyer ruse. The other members of the committee were not so swayed. The full Colorado Senate will hear the bill in the near future.

FDA: Certain Parkinson’s Drugs Lead to Greater Risk of Gambling

The FDA is reporting that certain drugs used to treat tremors associated with Parkinson’s disease actually increase the risk of pathological gambling. The latest results are consistent with earlier observations and add to evidence that Parkinson’s drugs may lead to impulsive behavior as they make up for depleted dopamine, a brain chemical whose deficiency marks the disease. The researchers found no reports of gambling problems for patients taking antipsychotic drugs, which inhibit dopamine.

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