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The Effects of Aging on Your Ability to Drive

I’ve lived in Florida now for more than 25 years. One thing you notice quickly here besides the weather is the number of elderly drivers. According to 2002-03 statistics, there were almost 15 million drivers in the state of Florida. Out of that 15 million, over 2.2 million were between the ages of 65 and 74. Approximately 250,000 drivers were over the age of 85. At least 20% of this 250,000 suffer some form of dementia.

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Guidant CEO to Receive $1.5Million Bonus. . . For What?

Guidant’s chief executive will receive a $1.5 million bonus after the acquisition by Boston Scientific is complete, according to documents filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.
Since June, Guidant has recalled or issued safety advisories on about 88,000 defibrillators and more than 200,000 pacemakers. At least seven deaths have been linked to the faulty devices.
I guess that qualifies for an outrageous bonus!

British University Warns Against Tasers

A British university is warning of the dangers of electric stun guns that will be trialled in New Zealand later this year. Police officers will be armed with taser guns, which cause temporary paralysis and are designed to be used as a non-lethal way of dealing with violent offenders. Project coordinator of the Non Lethal Weapons Research Project at Bradford University, Neil Davison, says tasers are already used in the UK and the United States.
He says while the guns are meant to reduce the chances of serious injury to a suspect, they are open to mis-use and can lead to increased police violence.

A Bishop Speaks about Sexual Abuse

Bishop Joseph Imesch, soon to be retired bishop of Joliet Illinois, spoke out (sort of, he was compelled to testify under oath in a deposition) on the sexual abuse of a 14 year old girl by one of his priests. When questioned why he didn’t go to the police when he first learned of the accusation, he stated that he wasn’t going to do that because he didn’t have enough information. When pressed on the issue, he stated he didn’t know who to tell. Finally, he gave the same, lame excuse his brother prelates have given: years ago, church officials didn’t know about sexual abuse. His excuses and rationalizations didn’t change the fact that a 14 year old girl was raped by a Catholic priest.

FDA Warns Doctors About Trasylol

The FDA has issued a warning to doctors and patients about the adverse risks associated with the Bayer drug Trasylol. The drug is used to control bleeding in such surgical procedures as heart bypass surgery. The FDA highlighted two studies published last month, including one in the New England Journal of Medicine, which showed that the drug, sold under the brand name Trasylol, doubled the risk of kidney failure.

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Colorado Legislature to Hear Victims’ of Sex Abuse

The Colorado legislature will hear statements from victims concerning sexual abuse and how that abuse has impacted their lives. The hearings will be held Monday, February 13, 2006 in the state capitol. Colorado is cosidering opening a window on its statute of limitations laws so that sexual abuse victims may come forward and seek justice through criminal or civil action. Members of the survivor advocacy group SNAP plan a large press conference prior to the legislative hearings.

Georgia Legislature Mandates Stun Gun Training

Police agencies in Georgia that use Taser stun guns would have to make sure their officers know how to use them properly under a bill passed overwhelmingly by the House on Wednesday.
The legislation, which cleared the lower chamber 162-1 and now goes to the Senate, would require police departments to draft written policies for using Tasers that meet standards set by the Georgia Peace Officer and Training Council.
Officers designated to use Tasers would have to complete a training course developed by the council and meet its certification requirements.