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Propofol Infusion Syndrome and Heart Failure

Propofol , distributed by Astra Zenica, is used for general anesthesia during surgery, sedation, and reduction of intracranial pressure in head injury patients. Propofol administration has been associated with the development of propofol-infusion syndrome in pediatric and adult patients. The syndrome consists of myocardial failure, metabolic acidosis, rhabdomyolysis, and hyperkalemia developing on day 4 or 5 of high-dose propofol therapy.

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Boating Fatalities on Increase in Florida

While the rest of the country is seeing fatalities on the water decrease, Florida is experiencing a sharp increase in such deaths. In 2005 alone, the state has recorded 71 boating deaths. According to Florida Fish and Wildlife officials, the number one cause of the increase is carelessness on the water. Boating is a recreation that many of us in Florida enjoy. However, we need to be just as cautious on the water as we would be on the highway. For instance, there’s a lot written about the dangers of drinking and driving yet very often we forget to think about the potential deadly consequences of boating and drinking-and I’m not just talking about the operator of the boat. Passengers need to moderate their intake of alcohol as well.

Florida Auto Insurance

In their newsletter, AAA has some very good tips all Florida car owners should have at their fingertips.
Most people do not understand what coverages they purchased and what they need for their current risks (i.e., value of car they are in, value of car you may hit, what someone else’s coverage pays for versus your own, etc.). It is important to make sure you know what you are paying for so you do not find out at the wrong time–that is, after an accident. Following are the five parts of each auto insurance policy.

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Colorado Legislative Committee Eliminates Time Limit for Sex Crimes

A legislative committee agreed Thursday to eliminate the criminal and civil statute of limitation for sex crimes following powerful testimony from sex abuse victims, including a former Miss America. The House Judiciary Committee approved the measure (House Bill 1088) unanimously and sent it to the full House for debate. The bill would remove criminal and civil limits on the statute of limitations for sex offenses against a child. It would apply to private institutions, including churches and private colleges, but it would not include public institutions, including schools or police.

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Boating Accident Deaths Not Highest In Florida?

After Tampa’s Gasparilla’s Pirate Festival Floatilla in Hillsborough Bay last week, you would think that Florida (and maybe even Tampa) might be a strong contender for Boat Accident Death capitol of the United States. But thanks to an enlightening post by fellow Maritime Lawyer and Blogger Rodd Sullivan in Jacksonville, we learn that a state far from here and with a very different climate beats us out for most boating accidents in the U.S.

75 year old Madeira Beach Man Tasered 3 Times by Deputies

In a story that ran today in the St. Petersburg Times, a 75 year old man who is blind in one eye was tasered three times by Pinellas County deputies in December 2005. The deputies had been summoned to the Madeira Beach condo after friends of the man had called deputies saying they were concerned about him. He was suffering from loneliness after the holidays and had threatened to shoot himself even though he had no guns in his condo. After the deputies stormed his condo, the 75 year old man was tasered three times. I wonder why these deputies who are supposedly professionally trained could not de-escalate the situation without the use of a Taser. If the police can’t handle these situations without resorting to electrocuting citizens, we’re all in trouble.

Ex-Vatican Official Wanted by Police on Sex Abuse Charges

Ontario police have issued an arrest warrant for Monsignor Bernard Prince, 71, former secretary general for the Pontifical Society for the Propagation of the Faith and a friend of the late Pope John Paul II. The warrant stems from allegations of sexual abuse by a man who went to police months ago about abuse that occurred in the late 1960’s when the victim was an altar boy at an Upper Ottawa Valley parish. Presently, the priest is retired and living in Rome. It’s not clear yet whether the priest will return voluntarily to Canada to face the charges. If past history is any indicator, he will remain in Rome under the protection of the church. According to Rick Romely, a former Arizona prosecutor who has urged Vatican officials to apply pressure to a number of priests wanted in the US, the church has been uncooperative in the past.
Canada has an extradition treaty with Italy but not with Vatican City, which is its own separate state and is not subject to the same laws as Italy.