Monthly Archives: February 2006

Cardinal George Moving Swiftly to Shut Barn Door

In an apparent move to not lose face with his flock, Francis Cardinal George is moving swiftly to make a subtle yet important change to the Archdiocesan abuse policy. In response to the mounting allegations of abuse against Rev. Daniel McCormack, George has stated that “next time” he will notify authorities immediately instead of waiting to investigate the allegations.

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Top Legion Priest Cleared by Vatican

Rev. Marcial Maciel , the controversial founder of the Legionaries of Christ, has been cleared of sexual abuse allegations by the Vatican. The investigation had been delayed during the latter part of Pope John Paul’s pontificate only to be re-started by Pope Benedict XVI. It remains unclear whether a true investigation was ever undertaken. It may be that Benedict re-opened Maciel’s case just to close it.

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Grand Jury: Don’t Taser Kids

“Police should not use Taser stun guns to subdue children,” a Miami-Dade grand jury has stated. However, they didn’t propose an outright ban on the weapon. Taser stun guns emit 500 volts of electricity which incapacitates the victim. There are increasing reports of deaths as well as abuse of taser stun guns. In one recent incident a Nashville man was tasered 19 times before dying.

You’ve Been in an Auto Accident, Now What?

You’ve just been in a car crash. You’re climbing out of your car and no one appears seriously injured in either vehicle. What should you do now? Call for emergency help. If possible, take notes of the exact location and position of the vehicles involved in the crash. Exchange insurance contact information with the other driver. Give the investigating officer(s) as much detail as possible about the accident. DO NOT discuss the details with the other driver. NEVER discuss with the other driver who caused the accident. Never admit fault even if you think you might be at fault. This is frequently a legal determination and should be made later when all teh facts are known. Your own admission at the scene that you might be at fault could mislead investigators into overlooking other factors. If you have visible injuries, get photos of them. Seek medical attention even if you feel ok immediately after the crash since the onset of health issues may take awhile to reveal themselves. Contact a good attorney for legal advice.

Archdiocese of Miami Turns on Abuse Victim

In a hardball public relations maneuver, the Archdiocese of Miami released a statement concerning the sexual abuse of a minor dating back to the 1970’s in which the Archdiocese argued that damages to the victim were caused in whole or in part by the victim’s own negligence. This strategy had been commonplace prior to the incidents in Boston. However, since that time, most dioceses across the country have tried to appear more sympathetic. Not the Archdiocese of Miami-in spite of numerous accusations against the priest Neil Doherty, they attack the victim.

Nashville Man Tasered by Police 19 Times, Dies

Last year, a Nashville man was tasered by police a total of 19 times! Not surprisingly, he later died. In spite of this, more police officers will receive taser weapons after a scant 4 hours of training. It seems to me that if police officers are going to be equipped with these stun guns, more research on safety needs to be done. In addition, 4 hours of training hardly seems sufficient when people are dying after being hit by the taser gun.