7 MRI Drugs Get Tougher FDA Warnings

Certain drugs used as contrast agents in MRIs will get new, tougher warnings from the FDA due to their association with a dangerous skin condition known as nephrogenic systemic fibrosis. The drugs are gadolinium-based contrast agents which pose a higher risk when used in patients with kidney disease.
In announcing the new warnings for the MRI contrast agents, the FDA also noted that three gadolinium-based contrast agents should not be used at all in patients with kidney disease. They are Covidien PLC’s Optimark, Bayer AG’s Magnevist, and General Electric Co.’s Omniscan.
NSF is a rare but potentially fatal skin disease characterized by excessive fibrous connective tissue in the skin, eyes, joints, and internal organs. The FDA also stated that there have been no known cases of NSF in patients who have no kidney problems.