Actos Lawsuits Mount as Sales Decline

Actos was a blockbuster drug for Takeda Pharmaceuticals in treating diabetes by decreasing insulin resistance. However, the Actos lawsuits allege that the drug’s manufacturer, Takeda, failed to warn doctors and consumers about the drug’s connection with bladder cancer. Actos is the single ingredient product containing pioglitazone. The medication is also sold in combination with metformin under the names Actosplus Met and Actosplus Met XR. Metformin is another diabetes medication that has a different mechanism of action. Pioglitazone is also sold in combination with glimepiride, a third diabetes medication, in a product called Duetact.
In spite of a 2010 FDA study alleging a link between bladder cancer and the long-term use of Actos, the drug company continued to tout the drug as effective and safe in treating diabetes. However, the FDA ordered an updated warning label to be placed on the drug noting the new findings.