Bed Bugs and Holiday Travel

In spite of the economic downturn, many Americans will travel to visit relatives and friends. Many will stay in hotels and motels across America. Bed bugs can be a problem in even the nicer hotels. The mattresses are used, sometimes overused and if the cleaning crew, isn’t careful these hotel mattresses become breeding grounds for the little nocturnal creatures known as bed bugs. However, there are some simple, quick steps to take so that you and your family remain bed bug free during the holiday season. After you check into your hotel room, take a flashlight, pull back the covers and the sheets and focus the flash light beam on the mattress. If you spot dark brownish or red stains on the mattress, that may be a sign of bed bugs. The headboard and the space between the carpet and the wall should also be inspected. These simple steps can help you avoid the unpleasant experience of bed bug bites. Petra J. Minoff, Vice President of Hospitality for Protect-A-Bed, says, “Visible signs that the room could have a problem include moulted skins, excrement and eggs from the bed bugs.”
Another rule of thumb, according to Minoff, is to never place your luggage on the floor or
the bed.
“Always use the luggage stand and keep your luggage closed at all times.”