Biomet To Settle Bribery Case for $23.9Million

Biomet, a medical device company specializing in orthodpedic devices, has agreed to settle a kickback case with the US Justice Department for $23.9 million. Biomet stands accused of attempting to bribe doctors in China, Argentina, and Brazil. The US Justice Department began investigating the firm’s international activities in 2007. The federal investigation has been ongoing since 2007. Biomet disclosed the probe just one month after it agreed to a $26.9 million settlement with government authorities, who alleged Biomet and its competitors were paying bribes to U.S. doctors.
The federal government has agreed to forestall prosecution of Biomet under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act as long as Biomet adheres to the binding agreement for three years.
It’s not coincidental that two other large medical device companies were caught in the same investigation-Zimmer Holdings Inc. and DePuy Orthopaedics Inc both of which have also been mired in defective hip lawsuits recently.
Biomet faces similar defective hip lawsuits for their zirconia ceramic femoral heads that had been voluntarily recalled.