Bisphenol-A Products Banned in Chicago

The Chicago City Council voted unanimously yesterday to ban all products manufactured with the dangerous chemical bisphenol-A. Council members decided to tackle the issue themselves after complaining that the FDA was too slow in moving against the dangerous chemical.
Bisphenol-A, which is widely found in plastic containers such as baby bottles and cups, has been linked to cancer, heart disease and diabetes. The chemical is used to harden plastics but has been found to leak into the inside of the container posing a risk to those who use the plastic for human consumption.
According to the NY Times, Chicago is the first municipality to take such a step but it’s not the first government to wade into the controversy. Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty signed a measure last week prohibiting plastics that contain bisphenol-A.
While local governments act to protect consumers, the FDA continues to study the issue. If the FDA continues to drag its feet, more governmental bodies are sure to follow suit. It’s time the FDA did its job and protect the American public from a hazardous chemical. It shouldn’t take local governmental action to deal with the problem if the federal agency tasked with it does its job.