BP Oil Spill Claims Process

If you’ve suffered loss of income or other damages as a result of the BP oil spill, we’ll be happy to help you free of charge with your BP oil spill claim. Completing the BP oil spill claim form is the first required step in recouping losses suffered as a result of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.
Florida residents should not sign any documents in return for money from BP until they know the extent of the damage sustained. Also, make detailed records of canceled reservations or any other proof of loss of income including documenting the names and addresses of those who’ve canceled reservations as a result of the oil spill.
You should also consider calculating your estimated losses for a six-week period in relation to your business’ previous years. As part of your record keeping, list all assets that may be subject to damage or loss due to the oil spill.
Finally, Florida CFO Alex Sink has announced that the Florida Department of Financial Services has a toll free hot line to assist businesses with questions concerning their claims. They may be reached at 877-693-5236.