BP Under Fire from All Sides

British Petroleum is taking hits from every side, as well it should. A recent Associated Press report has demonstrated how woefully under-prepared the oil company was as it drilled oil in the Gulf of Mexico. According to the AP, the British company underestimated the economic and environmental impact an oil spill would have in the Gulf. It also underestimated its own preparedness in responding to an oil disaster. The only thing that BP seemed prepared to do-garner huge profits from its oil drilling off the shores of the Gulf of Mexico with little regard for the wildlife, eco-system, or economy of the Gulf shores.
Even now, BP offiicials are downplaying the amount of oil spilled, scientific evidence that the plume is under the surface waters of the Gulf (not along the surface as BP has assured everyone). BP CEO Tony Hayward seems more concerned about restoring a sense of “normalcy” to his private life rather than dealing with the economic and environmental disaster he himself created.
Even the BP claims process is coming under fire from those who’ve submitted claims. Complaints are surfacing that BP is slow to pay on claims, bungling the process, and generally slow to respond to pleas for help.
There’s not one area of this tragedy that’s been handled well by BP. Because of them and their blatant disregard for the Gulf of Mexico, we’re living with the worst environmental disaster in our history.