Chantix Faces More Problems

Pfizer’s smoking cessation drug Chantix has already been linked to higher incidents of depression and suicide. Now, a drug safety group is warning users about other dangers linked to the drug. The Institute for Safe Medication Practices, a Horsham, Pa., organization that seeks to improve drug safety, released a study that shows Chantix may lead to heart trouble, seizures and diabetes. Thomas Moore, the head of the study group has called on Pfizer and the FDA to immediately upgrade Chantix’s warning label to include the new findings.
Chantix received 988 reports of adverse effects in the last quarter of last year, the highest of any drug on the market. Chantix entered the market in 2006 and was touted as a drug that helped smokers kick their nicotine habit. Chantix was designed to alter the brain’s receptors to lessen the desire to smoke. However, soon thereafter, reports of increased suicides and depression began to be associated with Chantix.