Child Sex Predator Cover Up by Florida Sheriff

Polk County Florida Sheriff’s Deputy Scott Lawson is serving a 15 year prison sentence in Vermont after felony convictions for sexually abusing young men in Florida in 2002. Lawson used his authority as a police office to perform strip searches and perform examinations of private parts of young men whom he supposedly was investigating for law enforcement purposes. A breaking investigative report in the August 31, 2008 St. Petersburg Times documents Lawson’s role in a fatal car crash on May 31, 2002 in which honor student 16 year old Miles White was killed. Apparently, Lawson was involved in a high speed chase of the car in which young Miles White was a passenger. After the fatal crash Deputy Lawson’s unmarked police cruiser was removed from the scene of the crash. There is evidence that his police cruiser hit the rear of the boys car right before it left the road. Deputy Lawson falsified the report of his activity that night and the Sheriff’s Department went along with covering up his involvment. The Polk County Florida Sheriff’s Department had been notified of Deputy Lawson’s sexual abuse of young men prior to the fatal crash and had left him on the road with responsibility for investigating youth crime. Seven weeks after the accident Deputy Lawson pled guilty to multiple sex crimes and practicing medicine without a license for his perverted examinations of young men. Now six years later for the first time the public is hearing about the possible connection between Lawson’s interest in young men and the fatal crash.
This is another sad story of injustice and abuse of power. Fortunately, a persistant investigative reporter from the St. Petersburg Times is finally digging up the truth. A civil lawsuit brought by Miles White’s parents has also contributed to revealing the secrets of the Polk County Sheriff’s Department. I hope that someday all those persons entrusted with authority over children whether a police department, a church, a school, or other youth organizations will put the victims of child sex abuse first rather than engaging in a cover up to avoid bad publicity.