County sends teams to aid South Florida

A contingent of Osceola County public-safety and electric-utility workers is helping residents in South Florida recover from Hurricane Wilma.
On Thursday, eight Kissimmee police officers left for the Miami area to provide security for Florida Power & Light Co. as the utility restores electricity in the storm-devastated area. They plan to spend a week on the assignment.
Earlier, Kissimmee Utility Authority announced that it was sending repair crews, vehicles and supplies to South Florida to help restore power.
The hurricane left 94 percent of Fort Pierce’s 25,000 residents without electricity, KUA said.
On the night the storm struck, Osceola County and Kissimmee sent 13 paramedics and emergency-medical technicians to the Florida Keys to help with hurricane recovery.
The team was to help transfer hospital and nursing-home patients in hurricane-ravaged areas to other medical facilities.
The team brought its own food, water, cots and supplies and expects to stay in Monroe County as long as 11 days.