DePuy Hip Defects Were Known in 2007

“It is a complete untruth that DePuy did not have reason to withdraw the ASR before now; we have been telling them since 2007, but they allowed it to be used on thousands of people,” that’s according to Professor Stephen Graves, head of the Australian National Joint Replacement Registry. Graves was speaking on the record with the Independent, a United Kingdom media outlet about the recent recall of DePuy’s ASR hip replacement medical devices.
According to Professor Graves, the Australian Registry had sent DePuy, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, had sent DePuy seven reports concerning defects with their ASR hip product back in 2007. The DePuy hips were taken off the Australian market in December 2009.
Graves believes the medical device company is liable for the needless suffering of thousands of patients who’ve since received DePuy hips. According to him, the fact that DePuy neglected to publicly announce the problems with the defective hips until recently is irresponsible.