DePuy Pinnacle Hip Lawsuits Consolidated

DePuy Pinnacle hip replacement lawsuits will be consolidated in a multidistrict litigation in a Texas federal court. The MDL allows all claims to share discovery and streamline the discovery process as the lawsuits proceed through federal court.
Presently, there are about 57 DePuy Pinnacle hip lawsuits to be consolidated. Like the DePuy ASR XL lawsuits which are consolidated in federal court in northern Ohio, the Pinnacle hip replacements are failing at a higher than acceptable rate. As a metal-on-metal hip replacement similar to the DePuy ASR XL, the Pinnacle replacement hips may shed metal particles that flow into the bloodstream causing a potentially dangerous situation known as metallosis.
Recently, the FDA called on hip medical device manufacturers to submit data to the FDA as well as contact all hip implant patients in order to obtain information about failure rates, symptoms and problems with the hips, as well as information about which hips are failing and the causes relating to the failures.