Doc Seeks Plea Deal in Faking Research About Pfizer and Merck Drugs

Scott Reuben, a Massachusetts anesthesiologist, is seeking a plea deal with federal prosecutors over charges that the doctor faked research intended to support the benefits of Merck and Pfizer drugs. The drugs include Vioxx, Bextra, and Celebrex. According to the Associated Press, Reuben has agreed to plead guilty in exchange for a more lenient sentence. Federal prosecutors have said Reuben faced up to a 10 year prison sentence and a $250,000 fine.
The federal prosecutors have charged Reuben with receiving payments from the pharmaceutical companies in exchange for favorable research about the companies’ drugs.
The allegations against Reuben call into question the veracity and independence of research performed at the behest of pharmaceutical companies. Many doctors have depended upon such “scientific” research in order to properly prescribe drugs and therapies for their patients.