Docs to be Charged in DePuy Bribe Cases

Six state hospital doctors will face felony charges for allegedly accepting secret payments from DePuy Inc. in exchange for using DePuy products. Last year, a former DePuy executive was found guilty of making illegal payments to doctors in the Greek public healthcare system. That case involved DePuy making payments to doctors in exchange for the doctors’ use of DePuy orthopedic products from 2002-2005.
The pending criminal charges couldn’t come at a worse time for DePuy Inc., a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson. DePuy faces mounting defective hip lawsuits regarding its recalled DePuy ASR XL hip implant products. The ASR XL was recalled last year due to a higher than acceptable failure rate as well as the potential for DePuy patients suffering from metallosis or metal poisoning as a result of having a DePuy ASR XL hip implant.
Last week, I attended the first court hearing for the newly formed DePuy ASR XL MDL hip implant litigation. If you’ve had a recent hip implant in the last few years and are experiencing difficulty or don’t know the type of hip product you received, consult your physician to ensure that the hip implant you received is not the DePuy ASR XL or a similarly defective hip the Zimmer Durom Cup. We represent both DePux hip clients as well as those affected by Zimmer Durom Cup hip products.