Embezzlement and Priest Abuse-a connection?

Recent news articles point to a rise in embezzlement cases against Catholic priests who in turn are sexually abusive. Is there a connection? You bet there is! Often the priest abuser needs money to groom the potential victim by buying him gifts, food, fun stuff that the parents can’t afford. The abuser is seen as the pied piper who can give the potential victim whatever he or she wants as far as fun. But there’s a horrendous price to pay for it-sexual favors. Priests are paid a nominal sum for their salary, religious priests even less since they take a vow of poverty. Yet the church coffers offer a nearly unlimited supply of funds with which to tempt the victim. This is especially true if the abuser is the pastor of a parish. The pastor has discretionary authority over church finances with little or no oversight. This coupled with the fact that most donations are made in cash leaves the priest in a perfect position to use funds to abuse. Unlike most corporations, dual controls or any such financial controls are often not in place in churches. Take the Archdiocese of Cleveland for an example.