FDA and Hydroxycut

While complaints about the dangers of the dietary supplement Hydroxycut have been around for years, the FDA never issued a consumer warning about the weight loss drug until yesterday. According to the FDA, the complaints were infrequent and were not definitively linked to liver damage or other health concern.
Unfortunately for consumers, diet supplements and weight loss pills and formulas are not regulated by the FDA. Unlike prescription drugs, these products don’t have to be evaluated or approved by the FDA prior to market launch. As a result, they are marketed as “all natural” and “healthy” even though there is no scientific evidence to support such claims. Additionally, people are often mislead to believe that a product marketed as “natural” is automatically safe. This is patently false. Many natural products are toxic and can cause serious harm to the human body and its internal organs.
In prior doses, Hydroxycut even contained the banned Ephedra. In fact, Ephedra was part of the chemical ingredients that comprised Hydroxycut until 2004 when it was removed.
The FDA is still evaluating what chemical, herb, or natural extract has caused the liver toxicity. In fact, it may be a combination of ingredients that have caused liver injury. Furthermore, the FDA does not know if its a problem with dosage, chemical ingredients, or the length of time that one is exposed to Hydroxycut. These answers should be forthcoming in the next weeks or months as the federal agency studies the weight loss formula. In the meantime, if you’ve used Hydroxycut stop using it immediately. If you show signs of liver disease such as jaundice, brownish urine, or light-colored stools, contact your healthcare professional.