FDA Seizes Generics from Caraco Pharmaceuticals

Federal authorities swooped down on Caraco Pharmaceuticals Detroit plant seizing between $15-20 million worth of generic drugs. The drugs were seized after the FDA determined that the generic drugs did not meet standard quality requirements concerning their manufacturing. Among the drugs seized were generic tablets for pain, heart problems, and psychiatric issues.
This is not the first mention of manufacturing problems for the Detroit-based company. Since January, Caraco Pharmaceuticals has been issuing recalls of its generic drugs due to manufacturing problems including oversize tablets.
According to Detroit News, “In response to the seizure, the company said in a statement that it believes “corrective actions have been made and continual improvements are in progress.”
Caraco, which replicates brand name drugs with expired patents, sells about 3.6 billion tablets annually to wholesalers, drug distributors and retail giants.
Its drug lineup, which includes more than 50 generic products, spans everything from prescription treatments for gout to anti-depressants and anti-allergenics.
Caraco has taken some steps to remedy production problems, CEO Daniel Movens said in a company release issued last month. In January, it changed manufacturing and quality control leadership, the company said. It reiterated those comments in its Thursday release.”