FDA Will Take Another Look at Safety of Bisphenol A

In a move lauded by consumer safety advocates, the FDA will reassess the safety of the highly controversial chemical found in many plastic products from baby bottles to drinking containers.
The FDA decision comes in the wake of a letter sent by Democratic lawmakers serving on the House Energy and Commerce Committee.
Bisphenol-A has been used for the past 60 years to make plastics hard and shatter-proof. It’s also been known to seep into the contents of the plastic containers. Bishpenol A has been linked to cancer, diabetes, developmental damage, as well as heart disease in animals.
According to the CDC, the toxin has been found in the urine samples of 90% of those tested. Recently, 6 of the country’s baby bottle manufacturers have announced they’ll phase out use of the controversial chemical in production of their plastics.
The FDA has been under fire for relying too heavily on industry information about Bisphenol A which has defended use of the product in plastics production.
According to the new FDA chief Margaret Hamburg, the review should be completed by the end of the summer.