Food Trade Group Asks for More Federal Regulation to Stop Food Contamination

The Grocery Manufacturers Association, the food industry’s largest trade group, has called on the federal government to provide more regulation, supervision and control over imported food products. The unusual move comes as a result of the recent spate of food contamination cases involving e coli contaminated spinach and lettuce and the ConAgra peanut butter contamination problem. In addition to calling on more federal oversight on imported food stuffs, the trade group also wants Congress to spend more money on the FDA so that the agency can regulate farms and food packing plants around the country. Part of the problem with the increase in food contamination cases is the lack of consistency in which our food supply is monitored. The sheer quantity of food stuffs and the myriad manufacturing and processing plants make it difficult for and agency like the FDA to properly monitor and regulate the industry, especially foods that are coming from places like China.