Hydroxycut Lawsuit Weight Loss Drug Recall

A class action lawsuit will most likely be the result of today’s recall of the popular diet drug Hydroxycut. The fat burner has been highly and aggressively touted on television, radio, and the Internet for years. Many people who have tried to lose weight as well as health and fitness disciples have taken the drug in order to sculpt their bodies or lose weight.
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Hydroxycut Lawsuit Attorney
However, like Fen-phen and Ephedra, Hydroxycut has serious health consequences. Fen-phen caused cardiac problems including primary pulmonary hypertension. Hydroxycut has been linked to liver toxicity. Our firm has already been contacted by consumers who’ve been advised by their healthcare professionals that they have liver problems.
Diet drugs such as Hydroxycut are marketed as quick fixes and miracle drugs but they are not regulated or approved by the FDA. This lack of regulation has led to needless suffering for those who’ve taken these harmful drugs.
Hydroxycut Lawsuit Attorney